I’m #Winning… and that’s an UNDERSTATEMENT

25 Apr

Welcome back to my blog…
Since I haven’t posted anything in almost a year I decided to come back and with a vengeance!!

As all of my friends and many of my twitter followers know, I love going out and having a great time! What making doing these things better is doing them for FREE so if there’s an opportunity to enter a contest I’m always down like charlie brown.

That being said, when I saw Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) Tweeted-“FT LAUDERDALE! I love this weather…and I love your city! Where are my cadres? I’m giving away tickets! Who needs a pair for tonight? ybw” I said to myself… what the hell, Lemme give it a shot… So after seeing one of my tweeps Claudia (@claudiaizet) was chosen I was even more determined to be chosen! Then after countless tweets back to Charlie Sheen, at 7:33pm I received a text notification that was mentioned… by CHARLIE SHEEN… which meant I JUST WON 2 tickets to see him that night!!! This was my #winning Tweet “Damnit @charliesheen I’m freaking amazing, I have awesome boobs and I’m poor.. Why can’t you pick Leah Arluk for free tIx?” and this is then the insanity began…

At this point in of the evening I was eating dinner in Boca Raton, which is about 30 minutes from where the show was taking place at 8:30, which would have been fine… IF I WAS DRIVING MY OWN CAR! Now what complicated the situation was I’d driven there with my girls Rachel (@sexxxyrnrach) and Ashley (@tiannarozay) from Delray Beach which is even further away!!! The moment I realized I won we grabbed the check, paid and were out if there in less than 10 minutes. We floored it back to Delray to grab my car and head down to the Bank Atlantic Center, where the show was starting in less than 20 minutes at this point…

Since my friend Rachel is a much more, shall we say, efficient I let her man the wheel. We finally got to the venue by 8:50, but we only missed a few minutes of the show! We go into our seats just in time to see the #Sheenius sitting there conversing with Dennis Rodman. This was followed by the entrance of Comedian and “Roastmaster General” Jeffery Ross who proceeded to roast Charlie, then Charlie roasted Jeff Ross, took questions from “select” audience members, talked about whats been happening with his life up to this point, gave us a few anecdotal tales of times with ex wives, and just told us his view of whats going on. To end the show, Charlie had Rapper/Actor Simon “Dirt Nasty” Rex (and if you don’t know who that is, go look him up on youtube or wikipedia) sing us out with his rap “1980

All in all it was a pretty decent show. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it… and it wasn’t only because it was free to go!!!

Moral of the story: Keep tweeting until you’re #Winning

Dear friends and followers…

28 Feb

I am sorry for not writing on a LONG time… I promise in this new year I will be posting more!!! Even if it’s just a quick update!!!

So much has happened in the last few months’ and I could write 20 posts about it but alas I lost my writing mojo along with motivation for a bunch of things…

Now I feel like celine dion because

it’s all coming back to me now

and I can’t wait to share again with all of you!!!

All of YOU help to inspire me to blog and keep it going!

All my love- Leah


The Glamification of The Bunnie…

20 Jul The Classic "Bunnie" Pose

Last Wednesday my “Fabulous” tweep, Jewel Figueras, hosted an amazing event for all of her Fabulous ladies and this bunnie was lucky enough to snag an invite…

Now, if you don’t know who Jewel is, you must check out her phenom blog called ” Jewel’s Fab Life ” where she gets to do travel all over doing the most incredible things, EVER! ( One day,  I’d hope to be like that). On Wednesday a slew of her friends, including me, were invited the “Academy of Glam” in cooper city, Florida.

Now I KNOWWWW you’re all asking yourselves, Whats the Academy of Glam? What did they do to you? Well kiddies, the Academy of Glam is this amazing place owned by celebrity makeup artist Victoria Duke. Academy of Glam is a haven where woman can walk in looking like a hot mess and walk out feeling and looking like a BILLION Bucks. That evening, Jewel, Victoria and her “Glam Squad” welcomed all of us with open arms and lemme tell you, they had a LOT of work to do when it came to giving me my sexy back!!

So, when I walked in, I was greeted by the girls there with cool little swag bag and was directed to an empty seat where Nila was waiting to make me look HOT! She asked me what kind of look I’d like, and I told her “I wanna look like a sex kitten!!”, to which she  replied, “you got it, girl”.

In the Makeup Chair with Nila

As Nila applied the makeup she asked me how I usually wear my makeup, what I like to wear, and explained what she was doing every step of the way so I could recreate the look another time! After she was done with my makeup she moved on to my hair and just gave it a little more pizzazz! When all of my beautification was done, I got some amazing photos taken by MSF Photography and Rubber Boots Photography. This made me so extremely happy since I loooooooveeee to get my picture taken!  Here are some of the great pics that Marty Fuchs of MSF Photography took of Moi-


Lookin Sexy in Glasses

The Classic "Bunnie" Pose

What made this night even better was that I was surrounded by so many of my beautiful girls! At the end of the night we all felt so stunning but I absolutely had a renewed sense of self confidence! Also there was a drawing where some of the girls won photoshoots and makeovers but I actually won a One on One consultation with Victoria Duke, which I am sooooo looking forward to in the near future!!!

In closing, some people may think this event was all about getting out people into AoG, and while it may be one of the reasons, I believe this event was orchestrated to help empower us as women and to revitalize our spirits!!!

A huge thanks again to Jewel, Victoria, Marty and the whole AoG team for making this marvelous event possible!!

If you’d like some more info on Academy of Glam, you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @AcademyOfGlam and Marty Fuchs of MSF Photography can be contacted on Facebook

My Weekend with Infiniti Motors and The Bachelor Guy

27 Jun

While most of you were off at the movies or eating at some cheesey chain food joints, I was lucky enough to participate in not one but TWO events with Infiniti and Eric Rogell a.k.a. The Bachelor Guy

Infiniti’s “How to Have the Perfect Date Night” Cocktail Party

Our Introduction for the night...

Friday night was all about dressing up for a wonderful cocktail party sponsored by Infiniti and hosted by Eric Rogell at The Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale.
Through the course of this evening the guests all mixed and mingled, drank top shelf booze and dined on some delicious gourmet apps; but the main purpose was for the attendees to get some dating knowledge from Eric’s new book “The Art of War for Dating”.
As we shmoozed and ate, Eric explained how to keep your dating life and even your married life more interesting. Citing examples from his book (which is made for men but also quite useful for us women looking to get some insight into the male mind), including the 3 “U”s: Be Unique, Unexpected and fun… If you want anymore tips please pick up his book.
We concluded our evening with a tour of 5 Infiniti cars in their touring fleet, including the M35 Hybrid, QX SUV, G37 IPL Coupe, G Convertible, and the FX crossover. We only got the walk around that night but on Saturday, some of us got…

The #InfinitiDate Experience
We were all teased in the beginning of the month with this tagline from The Bachelor Guy’s World-Renown Blog- Drive Infinitis. Meet Me. Get My Book. Eat Free Food. . We were all encouraged to send tweet to @InfinitiNews and @TheBachelorGuy to gain entry into this exclusive event.
After all was said and done, I was one of those Lucky people! It was so exciting because a few of my “tweeps” who were also chosen are always fun to spend time with, so when you add fantastic luxury vehicles and scrumptious food to the equation it makes the event THAT MUCH BETTER!!

Now, there were 2 waves; Morning and Evening. Since I work EVERY Saturday morning, I was chosen for the evening wave. We all met at the Ritz Carlton in Ft. Lauderdale around 4:30 pm, and were greeted by our glorious fleet of sparkling new Infinitis.

Pretty Infinitis All in a row

The first ride was in the sleek G37 IPL Coupe with my friend, Mara (@MissMaraFtL) and our first stop was Y.O.L.O. in Ft. Lauderdale.
When we got there and for each stop thereafter we were treated to a sampling of their most popular dishes; As we sat in YOLO’s “O Lounge”, we nibbled on their Homemade Meatballs, SZECHUAN CALAMARI, and a signature app called “TRUFFLED YOLO CHIPS”. We also discussed what made this restaurant and the cars “Unique” for a date!!
The second stop was to Vic & Angelos in Delray Beach and my companion for this ride was the fantastic Mr. Johnny Bond! I asked Johnny to drive this leg because, A) hes adorable and B) this boy knows how to drive a sports car… Oh Yea, We were driving in the G Series Convertible.

Johnny Bond and I in the Stunning G 37 Convertible

Once we all got there, we tried their signature “Veal Angelo”, Four Cheese Pair Tortelloni in a Truffle cream sauce, and Yellowtail Snapper Francese with delicious Creamy Parmesan Risotto and Garlicky Rapini. While there we discussed what was “Unexpected” in our the cars we drove and throughout Vic and Angelo’s.

For our final food stop Mara and I rode in the QX56. This was the hugemongous SUV offering from Infiniti. Now, I am here to tell you, this was the most incredible ride in an suv I’ve ever experienced! Quiet cabin, it felt like we were driving on a cloud, so peaceful and smooth that we could not get over it. This made the super long drive to Wilton Manors for our last stop; Storks Bakery & Cafe much easier. Since Mara is such a stellar driver, we were the first duo to arrive. At our table, we were greeted with a sampling of their best sellers including: A pecan crunch square, White Chocolate Lemon Mousse Tort, Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie and a Pistachio pie w/ graham cracker crust. As we were noshed on our sweets, Eric was giving examples of how to keep dates “Fun” by skipping dessert at the place were dining and  trying a local bakery or coffee house; somewhere new and exciting.

To cap off the evening, the great folks at Infiniti gave us some nice swag bags filled with info on their line of vehicles, a leather-bound notebook and carbon fiber pen and finally we all received a personally autographed copy of Erics’ book “The Art of War for Dating” (which I have started reading)! Then there were prizes handed out to the top 4 “Tweeters” of the evening. The prizes were gift cards to all of the stops in our #InfinitiDate; Winners included Mara, Johnny, Ellie and ME!
Finally, Mara and I jumped into the M Hybrid, which is not even out yet, and you would NEVER know its a hybrid. It had speed, power and was very agile! We returned to the Ritz and returned the keys to our cars…It was sad to hand them over but such an phenomenal event.

In the end, I feel so lucky to have been chosen for this event and glad I got to share it with some of my tweeps too!! Thank you again To Sara from @InfinitiNews and Ray Daniels from Infiniti corporate, and a HUGEEEEEE Thanks to the always gracious Eric “The Bachelor Guy” Rogell for organizing this event but mostly for choosing me as one of the guests!
So that’s it kiddos, Stay Tuned for More Adventures in the life of The Bunnie…

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been Busy…

6 Jun

Well Blogesphere, since my last post I’ve been a busy little bunnie…

The last month or so has been chocked full of fantastic events throughout the town. I’m going to try to update my friends and readers with this post… I’m also going to try and be a little better on the posts here!!!

Las Olas Wine and Food Festival

So to end the month of April was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival from the always amazing New Times Broward Palm Beach!

The journey to the #LOWFF all started with a tweet from @CleanPlateCharlie “Win Tickets to Las Olas Wine & Food Festival and New Times Cupcake Battle”… Being that I love free things and I love poetry, I figured I would give it a shot! I proceeded to hop onto their site and compose two separate Haikus. Now, the post said there would be two pairs of tickets awarded;“One pair of tickets will go to the haiku that is “liked” the most. The other pair will be awarded to the writer of the haiku that the New Times staff chooses.”

Well to make a long story short, I won a pair of tickets; not for being “liked” the most by people, but from the staff of new times!!!! (thanks Guys!!)  This what they staff had to say and my winning entry;

The second winner of a pair of tickets goes to Bad lil Bunnie Leah for a haiku that balanced beautiful prose with PG-13 humor!

Here is a sample of her work:

Dirty Little Cake

You’re Begging for a Licking

I’m Gonna EAT YOU

CPC was also impressed with Bad lil Bunnie’s ability to defend herself against Baz via haiku.

To read the whole write up, click this!

 Shout outs to: Slow Food Truck, B’stro on the beach and Saia at B Ocean Hotel, Hyatt Pier 66 for their awesome food offerings, Blue Moon Fish Company, Ruth Chris, Timpano Chop House, Chaos Bakery and Chef George Catering for their MOUTHGASMIC Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffles…


Enjoying a Maple Bacon Karma Sutra Cupcake

Now if that wasn’t enough, the NEXT day I got to attend…

The Deerfield Beach Wine and Food Festival

This was the inaugural year and the event was fantastic!! There were dozens of local restaurants to sample, plus wines and beers available to  try out!

My favorite food and the MOST anticipated place I tried was El Jefe Luchador… They had the Ultimo Dragon taco with Carnitas, Hoisen Salsa and Kimchee Slaw; Definitely not your fast food crappy taco!!!

This was their Taco... MOUTHGASMIC!

PS- I was also Lucky enough to check out their new place a few days later during the soft opening; if you go to Deerfield Beach and do not go there, you are missing out, also check out their sister joint Charm City Burger Company.

The next event was one of the most anticipated food events by my friends and I…

The Gourmet Truck Expo at Boomers

On May 11th, I sat at work eagerly awaiting 6pm so could leave for this event. Why you ask, because the people of Broward and Palm Beach counties rarely get to experience the glorious deliciousness of all the Miami food trucks!!! So how amazing was it to have dozens of these trucks finally in MY backyard!!!

Out of all the trucks that were there, I finally got to sample offering from Red Koi, Dim Ssam a GoGo, and Kona Ice… which had Tigers Blood (strawberry coconut) flavored ices!!!

Fortunately for me and my friends this will be happening on a monthly basis from now on!

80’s Prom

Later on that month, I attended a charity event disguised as an 80’s Prom! This event was held to raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer, Hosted by the Beautiful Maria De Los Angeles and organized by the Incomparable Emily Taffel-Schaper .

This “Prom” Featured  several Burlesque performances from Isadora Bull, Betty Pickle, and Francean Fanny to name a few and 3 of the most spectacular drag queens from the area! Our DJ, Peter,  of Prose Promotions really “kicked out the jams” old school 80’s style for a great even all around, plus we raised money for a fantastic cause!

Here’s my favorite Photos courtesy of the amazing Social Media Puto A.K.A. Carlos Miller.

Awesome Group Shot

oh next up is not for the faint of heart…


This was a great experience… Not only was I lucky enough to WIN a 3 day VIP pass to this convention but the good people at Exxxotica had a “Ladies Free Friday” promotions.

This promotion enabled my girls to not only attend for free but to also take full advantage for the VIP Lounge! Generally these tickets are $70 each and let me tell you this place was PACKED with ladies! Aside from my girls, a few of my guy friends met us for this adventure!

Highlight of the whole thing; meeting the legendary Ron Jeremy-

Meeting Ron Jeremy-Photo by Grant Stern

None of the other photos were very blog friendly/appropriate… this was a very sexy event.  If you want to learn some new things to spice up your love life, meet some real live Adult Video Stars, or are looking for something very interesting to do on that weekend; Exxxotica is a MUST DO!!

last but not least

The Frank the Unicorn Radio Program ” Electric Frank-a-Loo”

I can not express how much I adore this internet radio show and the hilarity that ensues! I’ve even been lucky enough to be a special guest!

On Sunday, May 22nd Frank and Beans, the hosts of the show held their 2nd live broadcast from World of Beer in Coconut Creek, Fl. Aside from having a great time, this event was put on to raise money for a fantastic charity called Abi’s Place in Coral Springs.

Before the radio program started, the guests were treated to some kick ass breakdancers and 80’s music… Oh yea, i forgot to mention this was also an 80’s themed event so we were all dressed in old school gear! Raffle tickets were sold to raise the money for charity. When a raffle ticket was purchased for the charity we also got Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards! All of the raffle prizes were donated for this great cause, including gift certificates from Pizza Fusion, A bottle GT Vodka “The smoothest Vodka around” and Ice Jacket- the modern drink chiller, to name a few…

Once the boys took the stage, we were treated to a rousing game of “How Unicorn Are You”, a discussion about the all time best 80’s movies and of course, Little Frank, the face of the “Frank the Unicorn Program”!!! My friend Stefani ended up winning a burlesque class for 5 at the show as well!! Here is one of the group shots from the show-

Some of the Frank The Unicorn Crew

After a short hiatus, the show will return live on June 26th, so if you’d like to check out the show online its Sunday Nights from 7-9 pm EST.

So as you can see, I had a pretty busy few weeks but as always it was spent with some of the best people I know doing activities some  people can only dream about!!! All I can say is, Whats next???

Until the next time,  Bunnie

Hello World!!

26 Apr

Helloo  Blogging world!  My name is Leah… I am an average 20-something living in the land of the newly wed and nearly dead; South Florida. I love to spend time with my friends , I enjoy trying new things,

I’m absolutely a social media enthusiast, I have a small business called “The Cookie Maven” , Devoted Blackberry user  , I also manage my friends parody rap group, 3Peat (we’re working on the name) and most proudly a JEW!!!

Where to begin… I don’t really know how exactly to start this but I have so much to say sometimes so I can use this as my venue to speak my mind as I see fit.

Something that MOST people don’t know this about me is that I’m also a poet. I’ve even been published!! I have hundreds of poems written and for a very long time I’ve kept them to myself. Most of my poetry deals with unrequited love, love lost, hurt, loss and things of that nature.  I’ll also use this to post some of my poems!

Writing a blog is not really new to me as I used to have a Live Journal but that was when that was still cool. Now that I’m a little more grown up (some of my friends may disagree) there are so many other things I can bitch about! Just Kidding… maybe ;)

So to conclude my first blog post I’m going to post one of my poems!!


Her sad brown eyes . . .
They reflect the pain in her soul,
All of the anguish in her heart,
Hurt that’s been indelibly etched inside of her.
So many times it’s struck her down.
Fighting for something to no avail.
Looking for someone to rescue her
From “drowning” in emptiness.
She wants her “knight in shining armor.”
She wants her Prince Charming on white horse.
She cries and prays night after night
For destiny to intervene in her life.

So check me out… I won’t bite, unless you ask nicely #thatisall


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