Taco F*ckin’ Tuesday (on the cheap)

21 Apr IMG_9433

One of the best weekly food days has to be “Taco Tuesday”. These portable edibles can range in variety from hard to soft, meaty or vegan, filled with anything your heart desires! My goto spot is always Tijuana Flats… 

Let me start by saying, I DISPISE CHAIN RESTAURANTS! The food it all the same and usually low quality. Tijuana Flats is an exception to the rule! They believe in “Keepin’ it Fresh” by never using microwaves, making all food to order and always using the freshest ingredients always!  

  I love them because they’re locally owned (started in Orlando back in 1995), the food is consistently mouthgasmic, and they have great deals! 

This brings me back to the reason for my post, Taco mutha funkin Tuesday, or as they affectionately refer to it Tijuana Tuesdaze 

What you get for the money 

2 tacos (hard or soft), a bunch of tortilla chips & a beverage with unlimited refills while dining


 You can choose beef, chicken, veggies, carnitas or steak (for an extra $1). Toppings that come standard are lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and jalepenos. But Tijuana is best known for their Hot Sauce Bar! Rotating varieties ranging from mild to scorching!  

Hot Sauce Bar

So, the next time you’re looking for some tacos for your mouthhole, give Tijuana Flats a shot! It’s always #WhatsInMyMouth, on a Tuesday! 

The Best Snacks for 420… Or Anytime

20 Apr IMG_9548-0

Since today is #MondayMunchies AND 420, what’s better than some mouthgasmic munchies to celebrate the holizaze. The following snacks are in no particular order…

nutella ravioli from Nicks New Haven

Pizza-One of the greatest foods known to man, pizza consists of a crust, a sauce, usually cheese and toppings! Pizza is probably the most versatile thing you can eat at any given time. 

   Ice Cream- It’s one of those things that will always be yummy. So many flavors and varieties! One of the brands best known for crazy concoctions is Ben & Jerrys. Some of my favorite flavors are Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz, and The Tonight Dough just to name a few.

Scoop Shop noms

Bacon- We all love bacon, now more than ever… Bacon is good as a topping, a side dish, or a main dish. Bacon can be sweet or savory. It’s also portable and packed with protein! (That makes it healthy, right?)

chocolate covered bacon with peanut butter drizzle

Baked Goods- Seriously, who doesn’t like a sweet little confection in their mouth? Be they cupcakes, cookies, cake or donuts, these gems will give you just the sugar rush you need to get you going after getting “baked” yourself.

chocolate bon bon


Maybe Cupcakes with your Bestie…


or perhaps a Log cabin (maple bacon cake donut) from the one & only Mojo Donuts in Pembroke Pines

Candy- another winner for snacking today is always Candy! It can be chocolatey, sugary, crispy, crunchy or peanut buttery… Candy will always have an option for even the most picky palate.

lollipops are lovely for licking


Sugar Rush from some Rock Candy

Whatever you choose to nosh on for your #MondayMunchies on 420, make sure it’s delicious! That’s #whatsinmymouth today, What will be in your mouth? Leave your comments below on your favorite munchies!


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